More choice than ever 

Ever since 1957 when Sweet ‘N Low was created, we’ve been innovating new products. Alongside the original sweetener in the famous pink sachet, we now offer everything from natural Stevia variants, to
eco pouches!


Sweet'N Low product range


Low calorie sweeteners are substances added to foods and drinks to provide sweet taste without calories, or with very few calories. Most low calorie sweeteners are several hundred times sweeter than table sugar, meaning that only small quantities need to be added to achieve a sweetening effect. Low calorie sweeteners have been safely used and enjoyed by consumers all over the world for more than a century. The first commonly used low calorie sweetener, saccharin, was discovered in 1879. Since then, a number of other low calorie sweeteners, including acesulfame K (ace-K), aspartame, cyclamate and sucralose, have been discovered and are now in widespread use worldwide.

Visit the International Sweeteners Association website for further information about sweeteners